Episode 133 - Hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick are back with a brand new episode of The Buzz.  Tom and Fran are grateful for Thanksgiving this episode before a new round of "That's Hot". This week "This or That" discusses native lawn substitutes and the effects of fertilizer. "Take it or Leaf it" highlights one of our keystone species. Tom and Fran tackle the question and comment line while sharing their thoughts on the classic villain.  Are you listening all the way to the end for our secrets? Music by RJ Comer.


Episode 132 - Tom Knezick hosts the inaugural episode of Native Plants Healthy Planet Trivia.  The trivia game that pits three native plant people against each other to see who will reign supreme!  This episode's guests are Daryl Kobesky (Co-Owner) from Sunset Farmstead, Steve Knezick (Seed Propagation Manager) of Pinelands Nursery, and Co-Host Fran Chismar is in the center square.  There can be only one winner but we will find out if there are any sore losers.  Play at home and let us know how you did!  Music by Egocentric Plastic Men.
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