Episode 37 - What is the buzz about native plant cultivars?  Find out on this edition of The Buzz!  Hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick field a new phone call from Sol which sparks a conversation about native plant cultivars.  Find out the difference between a variety and a cultivar as well as the importance of provenance. There's also a new round of "This or That" and "That's Hot." Tom creates a new show segment just for Fran while both hosts each reveal a newbie mistake.  Music by RJ Comer. 

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Episode 36 - Welcome to Rooted Discussions, our roundtable conversations featuring top minds in the field of the topic at hand. On our first Rooted Discussions,  hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick are joined by Steve Castorani (President, North Creek Nurseries), John Mark Courtney (Owner, Kind Earth Growers, LLC), and Carrie Stanker and Daryl Kobesky (Co-Owners, Sunset Farmstead LLC) to discuss the business of growing native plants. Topics include why we grow what we grow, the challenges of being a native plant nursery, public misconceptions of native plants as a business, and the limitations of bringing native plants to the public. As an added bonus, the video will be available on the Pinelands Nursery YouTube channel. Music by RJ Comer.

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